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Excellent work, man! I love facts like these and I am curious how you got them! It is fascinating how against all odds we thrived as a species!

I couldn't watch the whole thing for several reasons. The art style needs some work, some characters look like they are floating on air when they should be walking. The animation is way too slow and uninteresting to look at. In addition the pacing of the video is WAY to slow; some times you focus on things longer than they need to be, like the explosion of the generators. This needed way more work to be better.


way cool dude! it's like watching the blue man group with guns!

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great game but i can't get to ur website

it's a good game but when i type in ur address it shows up a website that is for sale.

Great Story

I love the story plot to this game and the controls are great. The one thing that bothers me is the zombies shooting arrows at you. Besides that keep up the good work.

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